A black work truck with Sprague's Kik'N Grass logo printed on the sid. The truck is hauling a trailer carrying a large lawn mower.

Sprague’s Kik’n Grass!

A garden bed in the corner of a fenced in back yard. It contains several small plants and fresh mulch.

About Sprague’s Kik’n Grass

Chris Sprague is the owner of Sprague’s Kik’n Grass.  Chris has been working in the lawns and landscapes of Owasso, Tulsa, Collinsville, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, and Skiatook since 2012.

Lawn and Landscape

Lawns and landscapes are the name of the game at Sprague’s Kik’n Grass.

My love for being outdoors led me to lawn care.  I was one of those people who could not stand the thought of sitting behind a desk staring at a computer from 9 to 5 each day.

A very large fenced in back yard with green, evenly mowed grass.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

When I’m not performing lawn and landscape maintenance services, I like to hang out with my 3 boys, Hunter (11) and Ashton (9), and Keegan (2). I also enjoy fishing and hunting, as well as going out to new restaurants to try new food.

A Sprague's Kik'N Grass work truck with a load of lawn clippings to be hauled away in the bed of the truck.

Gardening Services

We are a small business doing big things in our local community.

Hard work is just part of the job.  If you look closely at my reflection in the truck’s rear window, you can see the sweat drenching my shirt!  That means it was a good day.

Lawn Scalping

Local Landscapers

We are local landscapers and we know the plants native to the Tulsa area.  The grass responds well to a low cut at the end of each season, so that is exactly what we do.

Our goal is for Sprague’s Kik’n Grass to be the name everyone in the Tulsa area thinks of when they are looking for lawn and landscape services.

5 stars across with reflection.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our Company's Promise

If you aren't happy with our service,

You do not pay.


A photo of Chris Sprague, owner of Sprague's Kik'N Grass.

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